The Tower Upon the Sea / Una torre sul Mare

The Tower Upon the Sea


The contrary winds slashed

while violent waves wondered

over the old bare-armed walls

by continuous storms.

Devoured times

and corrosive saltines

resisting and unsinkable

without giving way, standing proudly

n’ waiting the end of the squall.

Iride’ comfort

Who stay behind happily and sparkling.

as the winterlike times breaks up

giving back the serene breezes,

the white marine lilies

offering grateful shades to the Summer scorching heat

to the tired wayfarer.

Unnoticed light beam to the unwise Sailor

too far away from the secure coast.

In the serene peaceful sunset

the old forgotten tower

desires the sun

to warm n’ light up

once more, before shadows fell over the old stones,

tinting them of purple colours.

Ipazia D’Egitto

Una torre sul mare

Sferzata da venti contrari
Ondate violente feriscono
I vecchi muri sbrecciati
Da continue tempeste,
Tempo edace,
Corrosiva salsedine.
Ma resiste, incrollabile
Non cede e si erge fiera
Attende la fine della burrasca
Confortata da Iride
Che dietro le risplende gioiosa.
Quando i marosi iemali si placano
E tornano le serene brezze,
I bianchi gigli marini,
Offre grate ombre nell’arsura estiva
Allo stanco viandante,
Diventa faro per l’incauto navigatore
Spintosi lontano dalla sicura costa,
E nella serena pace del tramonto,
La vecchia e solida torre,
Ancora brama il suo sole
Che riscaldi ed illumini
Prima delle tenebre le antiche pietre
E le inondi di porpora.


Parole e foto di Ipazia

Published by carlogabbiwriter

Italian born, and living in Australia. I'm writing for the past 15 years in both Italian and English language. I pubblished my first book in USA and it's available with Amazon. I also wrote several long stories which are grouped under the name "A song of Love" and several other works available in my blog in Rosso Venexiano.

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