IT HAPPEN AROUND THE GULF OF MEXICO – English version – Part 1



Dedicated to Mary Quiroz

This is equally your story.

Without your love for your great country, Mexico, and without your archeological passion and love for the Maya’s civilization the stories couldn’t have been possible.

It was a pleasure being with you to discover together the life of Tula, Lord of Five Thunders and the remains of the City of the Moon.

Your help was equally important in discovering the greatness of Lord Pascal who was also the founder of the City of the Sun and his past legends connecting the Mayas as descendents of Atlantis.








It was the day of my birthday and together with the congratulatory messages on the internet, there was also this message with an attachment,

Hello Charlie, in front of me, on my desk, I have a set of aerial photos taken last week by our geological team, who are working on the oil explorations in the Gulf of Mexico. We have recently established our first offshore platform there. I would like you to confirm my opinion on the attached photos regarding a possibility of a remote civilization hidden in the jungle that runs parallel to the coast.

    “I’ll expect you in my Dallas office at ten next Monday, to discuss a possible expedition to explore that area in the near future.”

The message was signed by Rick Sullivan, the President of the ‘Texana Oil’. They were the major sponsors of my archeological research, when I made my fortuitous discovery of the City of the Moon a few years ago in the volcanic Mexican region.

The photos, taken in the late afternoon, clearly show a pyramid shadow, stepping up in the way the Mayan used to build over a thousand years earlier.


In Dallas, I received a warm welcome from Rick, who had become over time not only my sponsor, but also the best of friends.

“Hey partner” he said “This time we may have something very important hiding in that thick jungle. Something which will give prestige to Texana, as could well make you and me rich. This time you can get monetary benefit instead of just glory, as usual. Are you as excited as I am, Charlie?”

“Yes Rick. If its only half of what I’m expecting, it will be an important discovery, giving fame to the Texana and honor to me and you. But I’m not sure how much we can save for ourselves. You know how the Mexican government protects its inheritances.

“After we have a more thorough investigation of the site we will present their government with our plan to salvage that area from the jungle. Remember it won’t be a cheap venture, it will cost you a lot, but I will get the best deal for you from the Mexicans.”

“Next Monday we will fly over to the Gulf of Mexico, and explore the area with the chopper to get a better idea of the site, and organize the logistical part of the expedition. Till then you are my guest. My wife and kids will be happy to have you around for a few days. My sister, Claremarie, is visiting from our office in London, and you can meet her at dinner this evening.”




Dinner was excellent. We had many delicacies imported from exotic countries, and the wine, was a Californian Shiraz, and quite excellent. I had met Claremarie before dinner and she really was the most pleasant surprise of that evening.

As an archeologist, I haven’t had many opportunities to mix with this class of people.

The women I meet are generally those who are at ease digging up an archeological site and have not need to developed the refined qualities and social skills of those, like Claremarie, who are living life as ladies, taking much more care to be attractive, first for themselves, and then for the men.

Claremarie was certainly the most elegant woman that I had occasion to meet in my life. Her dress was décolleté and her breast, well proportioned was standing erected behind the transparency of the silky material, showing the elegance of her bosom. She was adorned with a golden necklace, having an emerald pendant which perfectly matched the color of her large brilliant eyes. She was tall, with her legs perfectly modeled, and wearing high stiletto shoes. Her blond hair, arranged into a chignon, was held in position by a gold pin, but more it was the sensual perfume she used which enchanted me. Being only used to a simple country life, it created in me a sort of discomfort in front of such superb beauty.

After dinner Claremarie followed me out to the terrace where I went to get some fresh air. She noticed my embarrassment and looked quizzically at me, amused with my discomfort and took advantage of my simplicity.

She said bluntly, “It seems to me that you live out of this world, my dear Charlie. I presume you are not used to see many real women around in the wilderness where you work and live. Even if, I presume, many of those primitive women are attractive just the same and they walk proudly showing their young nude erected breast.”

Modestly I had to agree with her on this matter.

“Dear Claremarie, in the jungle, we learn how to survive, and the bush women are the ones who take most of life stresses, looking after their huts, and their family and providing the necessary food and the wood for cooking.

“Still they are feminine enough, and they like to adorn themselves with locally crafted jewelries and primitive makeup. They still are women in the essence and therefore willing to look the best for their men.”

“Tell me Charlie, have you ever been with and made love with a real lady? I know what your answer is, but I’m curious to hear it from you.”

“Many of the men I meet tell me within minutes of their urgent desire to make love to me, because of the woman I am. They fantasize being with me, but that is a privilege I reserve for a few.”

“Interesting.” I admitted perplexed.

“I know you are wandering why I’m telling you this. It’s simply because I’m curious about you. You are so different from the others. You are an intellectual type, plus you are the born adventurer. I do it because I find you attractive enough, even though I doubt I can dominate your strong character. I’m not sure if you will become one of my slaves. Nevertheless, I will know that when we know each other better. Even if you don’t have the refinements of a Don Juan, you are a great temptation for me, and I know I desire you as a lover.”

As this was our first meeting, Claremarie surprised me in the way she spoke so openly.

She was wealthy and since the time she was young, she was used to being in command. She had become an astute businesswoman, and she knew how to properly manage her own interest in the Company, where she owned one third.

This was probably the reason, she never married. But she certainly knew how to attract a men’s attention, when she needed to satisfy her sexual appetites, but she was generous enough with her prey and returned a passionate and stimulating love.




It was only half an hour after I had retired to my room that I heard the door opening. It was Claremarie. She was wearing a transparent negligee, revealing her exquisite body.

She had with her a bottle of Moet with two fluted glasses.

“I think we have many more things to talk about and the night is long and favorable to get to know each other better.” She said.

“You are a woman full of resources and persuasion. You really are making me an offer I can’t refuse, Claremarie.”

‘Yes Charlie, I’m a born temptress. I make every effort possible to have the man I want and to create the man’s interest in me. I don’t have any doubt that you will be satisfied.”

“I cannot deny my surprise!”

“I like you Charlie. You are the right person for me tonight. In this game, as for all on the rest in my life, I look for perfection. I want only the best and the most exquisite there is.”

“Men should really love you for what you are, Claremarie, and for all the complexities which exist in you, as well for the simplicity you use to affront love and life. I think this is reason enough I love you, Claremarie.”

“You are a nice man and a very talented one. That’s why I’m here tonight with you, but you shouldn’t use such words as love. It’s a strong word Charlie, even if I know you are dreaming of me, and full of passion and desires. To be honest with you, I’m only here tonight because I have been curious about you, and I want to find out how good a lover you are.”

“Many times, meeting someone, we have the privilege of finding a precious gem. That is exactly what’s happen to me now, Claremarie.”

“I wasn’t wrong, Charlie, you are such a lovely passionate person.”

“So are you Claremarie. We are very much alike. We have been created from the same clay, the clay of lust and passion. I want you, and I desire you tonight. Take me with you in the exploitation of the senses.”

“Yes Charlie, passions, adventures and lust are important to me. With them, love between us will be more sublime and very powerful. You will realize this.”

 “It’s a pity we had not met earlier in our lives, and I hope to meet again in the future. I’m going to miss you while I’m away and I will never forget this night of love with you, Claremarie.”   





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