The Razor Edge

Cantata in Inglese da versi originali di Silvia De Angelis 




The Razor Edge

Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Lun, 20/06/2011 – 11:07

Sette anni orsono feci questa traduzione che a tutt’oggi ha raccolto 8500 letture.

Oggi ripresento la mia versione Inglese di “Il taglio affilato”

La versione originale fui scritta da Silvia De Angelis

Ti ringrazio di tale opportunità, Silvia!


The Razor Edge


In a dilapidated vortex

In the loud explosions of the limbs

These disjoined overcome ideas

Subdued memories of love’s paintings

Returning echoes of the sound

As nearly the sound of a door

Slamming without shutting

But leaking feeble tickling words

Still burning over lean endings

This can’t retain the razor edge

Brightness…but have the sharp edge.



Published by carlogabbiwriter

Italian born, and living in Australia. I'm writing for the past 15 years in both Italian and English language. I pubblished my first book in USA and it's available with Amazon. I also wrote several long stories which are grouped under the name "A song of Love" and several other works available in my blog in Rosso Venexiano.

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