The Lotto Ticket – English version

The Lotto Ticket

English Edition

Angelo, my stepfather, had never missed a lotto drawn in the past twenty years. He has a special way to select the numbers and combinations, on of his many secrets. Even if he never won the first division, he always manages to return the money he spent. He assured me that he never been out of pocket and on the many times that I accompanied him to the news-agency I saw him receive two or three hundred dollars for his win.

But I suppose that is part of history. He like the many others players is always please to let people know when he won, but he never spread the news when he was out of pocket.

I suppose all those secrets are good the Gold Lotto Organization. They only like to hear of people happy and rich, but of course nobody wants to mention the losses.

Now you can ask me why I’m telling you all this?

Simply because I’m skeptical and never been a gambler. Rarely on all my life I have bought lottery tickets or filled a lotto coupon. Generally, I’m not interested telling myself: “How can I win? Changes are so slim.”

A year ago Angelo passed away, but I remember when he was alive he was very positive and believed his numbers would be the first division winners one day.

A few weeks before he died, he called me and gave me his inheritance. That day he told me: “See my dear boy, there isn’t much time left for me. Soon I will be gone forever. I have something for you, look in that drawer and in a envelop is a few thousand dollars, all the money I saved from my lotto’s wins. There are also several coupons filled with good numbers which keep coming up. The six magic numbers will be drawn one after the other soon, and you will be a millionaire. Promise me you will play those numbers even after I’m gone.

“I haven’t left very much for you \, but listen to me, my boy, and don’t let me down. Play your lotto weekly and one day you will be pleased that you listened to me.”

Promises are promise, and when you do so, you have to keep your word. I’m not sure if I played every week since that day, on this thing I’m quite forgetful. But lately has become an habit to play week after week, not because I’m greedy but simply o be in peace with Angelo. I don’t want him to turn in his grave, knowing I didn’t keep my promise.

Ok, fine but again, why I bother to write all this?

Well you will be surprised I tell you why, and I can guarantee I was even I was more surprised when it happened. This happened exactly two weeks ago. It was a Monday morning and I was ready to go to work.

You know as well as I do that on Monday’s morning everything would happens. My wife didn’t make my breakfast in time, she also was late and so I gulped down only a cup of coffee that was too hot and burned my throat.

When finally, I was ready to run out the house, the phone started to ring and it didn’t stop till I pick it up.

I was furious, I say hello in a high pitch voice believing doing so they will get my urgency and disconnect immediately, but no way. It was a lady and she was joking or so I thought. She was keeping asking if I was Mr. G. and if I was such a person, I was a millionaire.

“Thank you so much” I replay, “But if I stay here any longer listening to your stories I would indeed to go begging. My boss has promised to suck me if again I will be late to work on Monday again.”

I rushed to the office and forgot all about the incident, An hour later the same lady’s voice was asking the same questions”

“If you are Mr. G. please come immediately to Brisbane’s Gold Lotto Office. You are on of the two first division winners. You have well won mre then two million dollars.”

Still I couldn’t believe it. I was still edgy because my boss warned me for the last time, arriving late for work. So, I brusquely replied:

“My dear lady today is not April fool’s day so would you please tell whoever is behind this joke that I am not in the mood to listen now. I have more important business to attend now.”

A third call followed up soon after. It was from home this time and my wife was euphoric and in her voice were a thousand silver bells ringing and telling in a sing a song voice: “Charlie we really got it this time. We are rich.”

It was real. Angelo promise had become true. Since then people keep asking what I will do with all that money.

Simple. I made three equal shares. The first share was for Angelo, he deserved all of it and his money will go to charity so he can gain some good points in front of God.

The second share would be entirely for my wife. I know she wants to do something special for the kids, so she would be happy to help them to pay off their mortgages.

And finally, the Last one is entirely mine. Secretly I have been dreaming of a comfortable mobile home and with that, lazily go around Australia. I will have a laptop, some good books, a fishing line and, of course, plenty of time.

Lately I have hoped to give up work and develop mi time to my hobbies, travel and writing many stories about people and places that I will come across in my journey.

I’m sure something good will come out of it. But I will only tell you when I got back. Just now I’m not sure when that day will be.

The End         

Published by carlogabbiwriter

Italian born, and living in Australia. I'm writing for the past 15 years in both Italian and English language. I pubblished my first book in USA and it's available with Amazon. I also wrote several long stories which are grouped under the name "A song of Love" and several other works available in my blog in Rosso Venexiano.

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