Eye for an Eye – English version – Part 4

Part 4

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      It was in the early hours of Saturday, when Luke, returning home from the Trocadero, saw lights in his house. Was there someone waiting for him?

     ‘Better to be prepared for the unexpected’ Luke thought, as he opened the door with    caution.

     He soon realized that she was there. Her woman scent floated in the air, in the same way he so well remembered from the old days, when they lived together. He recognized the pungent sweet-musky smell of sex and perfume that was impregnating the house. Luke could no longer resist the temptation and suddenly felt weakness in his knees. Again he was caught in her spell and felt the acute unrepressed desire to know her carnally again. Her sexual dominance overpowered his will.

     She, over the years, had become aware to possess a magnetic sexual power over men and she had learned how to master such strength to her complete advantage. She was using it now, to subdue Luke’s desires and compel him to her will. She knew well how to use her libido as a powerful weapon over him. Lola had become a sexual dominatrix since her young days and no men that entered her life escaped her magnetic attraction.

    Luke saw her. She languidly lied on the couch, dressed only in a transparent negligee revealing the curves of her exquisite body. Lola had learned how to use her theatrical knowledge and now she was posing deliberately in such arousing way to catch Luke’s desires.

     One of her firm breasts was half exposed from the negligee and to make it look more provocative, at the time she heard Luke moving around the house, she had pinched hard her nipples so they become erect to arouse him more. She wanted to show him her readiness to make love. Astutely, with slightly movements she exposed also her sex to Luke when he entered the room, ingeniously setting a powerful trap to make him capitulate to her feminine desires.

     “I’m waiting for you, Luke.” She said.

     “I thought I’d never have the pleasure to see you again in this house. Have you come as a dutiful wife?”

     “Don’t be bitter. I’m here for you. I’m here because I desire you. I’ve to admit that there are not many men who can completely satisfy my lust. You’re one of the few. You’re man enough to give me all what I need. Making love with you, at the end, I’m completely aroused and completely taken by the pleasure of our bodies.”

     “Are these the only reason why you are here? If so, good bye Lola; go to hell now, once and for ever.”

     “I can see that jail taught you nothing but rudeness. I came to make love with you, Luke. I’m here because I know that you equally need me as a woman. Am I right, Luke? And yes, I haven’t come to stay. I’m here for the night. Tomorrow we will be free. But for a while we’ll have extinguished the fire of passion which burned inside us.”

   “I’m not quite sure what you’re looking for in me, Lola. What sort of woman are you?”

   “You really should know me better. Have we being married for two years for nothing?

   “You should know that I’ve married you only because you can satisfy my lust. For the rest you have never delivered what I really wanted. Do you want to know what my ambitions are? I want power, I want money. Yes, I want to be rich and buy all that I want.  Unfortunately, you are a dreamer, and dreamers will never be rich.”

   ‘So finally, you are giving me the reason why you have dumped me. How good of you. Good bye Lola, leave me in peace.”

   “No Luke, not yet; as usual you are sentimental and introverted. Let’s be friends so I can return to have more good times together. Come Luke. Come and taste the sweetness of my kisses. Be my lover for the night. Damn it, come Luke! I need you. I’m wet and desiring to make love. You won’t be sorry.”


It was a long week for Luke, following Vito, his brother’s killer and planning to ambush him.

      ‘Everything must be studied properly and nothing left to luck or chance. That was what I learned training with the commandos. I must plan every single thing to perfection. Failing would get me back in jail. And this time no parole and I’ll get out from there an old man. As a callous killer I would be sentenced to spend the full term, twenty years or more, segregate in a high security cell. By the time I get out no passion would be left in me. I would be empty. I would lose interest in life, no one would love me, and without family. My dreams would be gone and buried for ever. I would be old and rotten. Perhaps not so old in years; may be just over fifty, but my possibilities, would be gone for ever. Aspiration for a career and a happy life, with a good wife and some children would be nothing but dreams.

    ‘I would be branded with the mark of a criminal and the community would treat me as such. The stigma would be there for the rest of my life, alone, without friends.’

    Luke realized the grim reality in front of him and wondered if he should take justice into his own hands for the Family’s benefit, or should he refuse?

    Sure, it was a debt of honor, and his Family expected him to settle it. Something they said he must do. But if something went wrong he, and not the family, would be the one to pay the consequences of that crime. So that’s reason enough for him to be careful and not leave behind any proof to incriminate him, proof that the police would use to implicate him, to put him back behind bars.

     Luke was digesting the possibilities of success in committing that crime,

    ‘Why have I to respect Cosa Nostra laws and belong to such a world? Why do I have to kill? Do I really have such an obligation to my Family? Why am I not free to choose my own way? Why don’t I listen to Rossana and divorce my family?’

    And finally going on with his thoughts, ‘I’m not a coward. I will do this and then I will go on my own way. I’ll live a free life as do others. After all, I am an Australian. I was born here and have never been to Calabria. So, I’m not subjected to those antique laws of the ancient world.’

    Now that he had reached a decision, he felt free from the torment inside his soul. He had reached an inner calm.

     In a short time, he learned about Vito’s habits. He worked as a bouncer in a bar near the Trocadero, and drove to work in his car. He parked it in a near dark back lane. He knew that Vito finished work at two in the morning. At that time, the lane, where his car was parked, was deserted and badly illuminated.

   ‘The right place, the right time, it will take me only a few minutes to do the job and I’ll be back in the Trocadero before anybody has time to notice my disappearance and I’ll create a strong alibi.’

          He asked the Family to deliver him a gun for the next night a few minutes before two o’clock. 

          He reached his hiding position at the time Vito came out into the lane from the back entrance and was partially blinded by the sudden outside darkness. It was working in the way Luke had planned.

    He called him, “Vito I’m here to revenge my brother’s killing three years ago. Time has come for you to pay.”

    Luke pulled the trigger twice. The sounds of the explosions were deadened by the silencer and only two short orange flames became visible in the darkness. The bullets entered Vito’s face and a muted rattle exited from his throat.

    He fell into the gutter at the side of the lane. His blood poured into a stagnant pool of dirty water and colored it vermillion. There was a death rattle and then silence. The Caruso’s debt was paid.

    Luke walked rapidly out of the lane to the waiting Family car. He returned the gun and gloves to the driver.

      ‘Tell the Godfather, the job is done.”

      Then he returned to the Trocadero. He checked the clock at the bar. He had been away eight minutes. He sat on a high stool, and ordered a double scotch on the rocks.      


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Italian born, and living in Australia. I'm writing for the past 15 years in both Italian and English language. I pubblished my first book in USA and it's available with Amazon. I also wrote several long stories which are grouped under the name "A song of Love" and several other works available in my blog in Rosso Venexiano.

One thought on “Eye for an Eye – English version – Part 4

  1. Un brano intenso, e molto avvincente, per le variegate sensazioni che trasmette al lettore..
    Buona settimana, Carlo,silvia


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