Eye for an Eye – English Version – Part 5

Part 5


     Three days had passed since Luke had shot Vito. During that time, he never tried to contact the Family and he just went about normal business. The next day on the TV news, Vito’s killing had been mentioned with the comment it was a possible war between drug dealers. But nothing else was mentioned later. So far, the police had no clues to the murder, but just in case, Luke felt secure with his alibi at the Trocadero. In such a crowded place, the eight minutes he had been away wouldn’t have been noticed. People will tell they saw him there at the time of the killing.

    Luke kept a low profile doing the usual things and meeting the same people and being in the Club in the evenings. It was time for him to think seriously of his future.

    Over the last few afternoons, when only a few people were around at the Trocadero, he sat at the piano and composed a new song. It was a song of love and hope, a sweet-sour melody that the public would like, with the good lyric and an easy to remember tune. He had composed it keeping Rossana in mind. It was his song of love for her.

  Rossana had always been sweet to him, since the old days, well before he met Lola, and she had always let him know that she cared for him.

   Luke was waiting for her that afternoon. He wrote the verses for her so she could sing them, while he played the tune on the piano. He hoped she would like the new song, and would understand the message written for her, the cry of the man looking and hoping for a new love after his life had been shattered by destiny.

    They spent the afternoon together. Rossana liked the song and they rehearsed it till they thought it was tuned to perfection. Then they sat with a cappuccino in front of them,

   “I will sing your song to my audience this weekend and I want you to be the soloist at the piano. It will create some popularity for you, my sweet man. And thanks to the thought and dedication of this song to me.”

    “Yes Rossana, you mean a lot to me. I made a mistake when I chose Lola, and married her. I should have asked you instead. You were the one that introduced me to her, do you remember that?”

    “It had always been the same way with Lola. Since we were at school, she took away my boyfriends. She had a perverted joy in doing that. The bitch was doing it only for the pleasure of seeing me cry.”

    “I believe that. I have finally come to know the real Lola.”

    “It happened in her usual way. When I talked about you the first time, I told her, that I liked you. She snapped you away from me and in no time, she drowned my dreams. What I know was that within two months you were married. So, I had to withdraw silently in a corner to weep. She is my sister, but I hate her for what she had always done to me. She is a Puta. The bitch never has enough men to satisfy her lust and greed.”

    “You are most likely right on that point. I realized recently her great lust and greed. A few nights ago, she told me clearly that I’m not good enough for her. She had used me in the same way she had used you. She will never chance.”

    “Within a week of you being arrested she had moved in with Garrone. He had been her lover for many years. Not because there was any love in her, only because he’s rich and he could buy her so many luxuries. She, even now, lives with Garrone only for the love of his money and power.”

    “One day I will settle this personal matter with Garrone.”

    “It is better you forget about him. He is too powerful and rich. I get the idea that he was the one that paid the contract to have you out of his way to be free with Lola. It’s only my thought and I haven’t any proof of this.”

    “It could be possible, Rossana. That’s always been my opinion also. One day I’ll get to the bottom of the matter. That day will be quite an interesting one, I’m sure.”

    “Don’t be foolish, Luke, I don’t intend to lose you a second time.”

    “Hey Rossana, what are you doing next Saturday? It will be Salvo’s, my nephew, tenth birthday party at the Calabria Club. Would you like to come with me?”

    “Yes, I’ll like to come with you. I hope in the future we can share many days together.”


     It was late in the evening when a tap on the shoulder made Luke turn around on his stool at the bar. It was Michael with his usual large smile.

   “You look much better since the last time we met. The fresh open air has done miracles for you.”

   “You are right there. I have also moved into the Trocadero’s life again, Michael. At least here lights and music go on for ever, and nobody tells me when it’s time to go to bed.”

    “You deserve a good time after all. But have you made up your mind how to earn some money? If you want good easy money, there is always a position available as a courier with me, Luke.”

  “Not for me Michael, that is Liotta’s business. Remember I’m a Caruso, so I’ll not be welcome in.”

   “Yes, we are cousins but we sit on opposite sides of the fence. But our families can’t stop us from being as close as brothers, can they?”

    “You are right there. Our mothers had taught us that. We grew up together and we shared all our problems since we were kids. But tell me, where have you been in the last week? I haven’t seen you around.”

     “I was in Melbourne for some large deliveries. Some grass, which I fetched in Griffith. As you know the Italians living there are keen to diversify with their crops for a good profit.”

     “Well, I wish you luck. In such a job you need a lot of it.”

      “Sure, but remember, I got ten grands for only three days on the road. By the way, I have to warn you, Luke. I heard rumors, both in Melbourne, and from my family.  Someone has put a contract on you. The contract is huge, and I’m sure someone will be interested.”

    “Do you know who set the contract?”

     “I only know it’s someone from Melbourne, but I’m not sure who it is. As soon as I get his name, I’ll pass it on. Take my advice Luke, it is better you go away for some time and let things cool off.”


End Part 5

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Italian born, and living in Australia. I'm writing for the past 15 years in both Italian and English language. I pubblished my first book in USA and it's available with Amazon. I also wrote several long stories which are grouped under the name "A song of Love" and several other works available in my blog in Rosso Venexiano.

2 thoughts on “Eye for an Eye – English Version – Part 5

  1. Proseguono le disavventure di Luke e Rossana, impelagati nei loschi affari della Famiglia
    Buona domenica, Carlo,silvia


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