Chapter 2 Part 2 – Some Difficult times- English Version

Part 2

        Juanita and Dolores had settled in a rural residential area, thirty miles from Sacramento, in a convenient location with all the city facilities.

       ‘It’s so wonderful that you have come to brighten up our Christmas. Having you here makes me feel that I’m back in our old days in Rio.’ Juanita told me with a large smile as she welcomed me at the airport.

  It had been three years since we said goodbye at Rio’s International Airport, and I was glad to see her again.

        She was still the gorgeous Brazilian woman that I met in Rio. Dolores was now eleven and had started to bloom into a young beautiful woman, resembling so much her mother. Dolores was proud to be good-looking and moving into womanhood.

Pleased she told me confidentially, ‘Do you know, Uncle that I already have a boyfriend at school? A few days ago, he kissed me on the lips but he did it in a funny way. He tried to push his tongue in my mouth. Why was he doing that, Uncle? Is that the adult way to kiss?”

      I didn’t have a reply to her question, and on that occasion, I preferred to remain quiet and told her, ‘Ask your Mum, Dolores. As a woman, she would have a better answer than I certainly have.’

     Those were memorable days with such happy times living in an unspoiled atmosphere and I was proud of my acquired family. I rented a holiday flat in San Pablo Bay, a hinterland place at the end of the magnificent San Francisco Bay.

     This location had so many affinities with Rio. Both places were located in huge calm bays which protected the cities from the furies of the oceans in bad weather.  Unexpectedly I found it was similar to the life I had enjoyed when I was with them at the Brazilian Green Coast, where we used to happily spend our long weekends. We were back to the old days, sharing our lives in a serene atmosphere.

       At the local souvenirs shop, we bought some CDs, and Juanita chose some Brazilian music. I understood her desire to keep alive the memories of her motherland.

       The following evening, to my great enjoyment, Juanita and Dolores offered to perform their traditional dances for me, their curvaceous bodies moving graciously to the rhythm of the music. Dolores proved to be a fast learner and well emulated her mother’s steps confirming she possessed the native instincts of the Brazilians.

       In the late evenings, Juanita and I enjoyed sitting close on the large lounge. There was only the dim light of the fire, creating intimacy around. The burning logs sparkled and crackled in the fireplace and radiated a tepid and pleasurable heat. Through the large windows, we could see the lights reflected in the calm waters of the bay in front of us and the multicolored lights formed a continuous line down to San Francisco.

      In that calm atmosphere, we enjoyed a relaxed closeness and Juanita used to snuggle next to me, searching for the warmth of my body. I realised also my need for intimacy which I’d missed so much over the past few years. I found on those evenings her body was inviting and warm, and gently I started to explore her desires. The long separation hadn’t changed us. The old fire of love and desire and our need to pick up what had been repressed and contained for so long had become stronger than ever. We made love silently, words were superfluous. Our bodies had come to know each other well. In us was the primordial connubial necessity to fulfill our souls and flesh, and tenderly donate to the other the best in us. It was the natural continuation of the past times. The nights were just too short to completely satisfy our senses until dawn had broken. By then I had the sensation that our love had been fulfilled. Juanita, in a last convulsed contraction, let me know her happiness in the achievement of her last orgasm.

       It was in me the desire, during those nights of passion, to talk about a future together and my wish to keep those promises. But how could I make any? How could I tell her I wanted to marry her when within two weeks, I would be moving to one of the most remote inhospitable regions of the world?

       I had realised that she was living happily here in California. She had almost everything she needed. I knew that in time Juanita would meet the right man, who would come to love and care for her.

        I let Juanita know my thoughts, yet she assured me, ‘You don’t need to say anything more. It’s a great gift to have you whenever you can. The reason why we love each other so much is that we give freely. Real love is the joy of giving to the other spontaneously the best we have. Love is sharing body and soul with the lover without asking for commitment. We have only to keep hoping in fate. If we lived together for a long time, we would most likely lose the intensity of our desires. Separation instead intensifies the need.’

                                                       *      *      *

        The night inspired intimacy and we talked of our most secret things sincerely and openly. We re-discovered our past happy days and the pleasure of belonging to each other.

        In those days we talked a lot about our past and our lives while we were separated during the last three years. I asked Juanita, ‘How do you find life in your adopted country?’

      ‘Well, the States are great. Life is different than the one I was used to in Brazil. The American men accept that women are equal to them, or at least the man’s dominance here isn’t as conspicuous. My life is so much freer than it was in my country. Everybody minds their own business, and making new friends or finding the occasional lover is simpler. On my free weekends, I dance. It has always been my dominant passion, as you know, and on the dance floor, I’m never left without a partner. It’s up to me to choose who and when depending on the moment. There’s not a problem finding a way to satisfy my needs. Nevertheless, until now, I haven’t found the man who I can call the love of my life.’

       ‘I’m happy for you, my dear. I can see that the new style of life gives you back the joy of living. I’m sure you will soon find that person in your life.’

       ‘Yes, my life changed for the better. I have the freedom to fulfill my needs and my wage is at least four times higher than I earned in Brazil. Not so long ago, also I became good friend with Helen, a gorgeous local lady, and since then my life had a big turnaround that changed my perspective.’

       ‘You have roused my curiosity. Tell me.’

       ‘It was last summer when we first met. I was sitting at a bar in town and I noticed the intriguing way a lady kept looking at me. She approached me and introduced herself. She bought me a Bloody Mary and soon were chatting like old friends of many different things. She kept looking at me and finally exclaimed, ‘I envy your Brazilian look. You are such a beautiful woman.’

‘Never before, had I heard such a compliment from a lady. Thank you, Helen. I     also think that you look amazing.’

      ’Your body is full and your honey complexion contrast with my long lean body and the blond looks. If we were together at a party we would attract all men. Don’t you think so?’

‘Why don’t we try it sometime and see the reaction?’

‘It would be interesting to see who they choose first and to watch their indecision.’

      ‘I didn’t reply, but that night I had strange dreams of the way it could turn into such hypothetical connubial with men in real life.’

‘Did you meet Helen again?’

      ‘We met at the same bar two weeks later. It was a boring afternoon and we drank too much. Helen then invited me to her place. It was there that something happened. Helen prepared some Vodka on the rocks for us and after that drink, I was completely intoxicated without a care of anything. Helen sat next to me and with her look, she undressed me. Silently she came closer to me and started to fondle my breasts and kissed me on the lips. I couldn’t react or resist her seductions. It was possible I was too drunk, and let myself go. I was taken into a different world. I was possessed by lust and desire for a woman, an experience new to me. I was like jelly, wet and desiring more and more of her advances. I wanted her as much as she desired me and I responded with passion to her hot kisses with warm feelings descending in me. I was hypnotized by her strong dominant desire. Then she said while she took my hand,   ‘Let’s go into the bedroom.

 ‘Passively I followed her like an obedient puppy follows after her mistress. Skillfully she undressed me while her kisses burned my lips and again I felt the passion and the fire of desire light inside me. We consumed our insatiable appetites. It was late Sunday afternoon by the time I finally found my way home.’ 

‘So, you have been seduced by Helen and you became lovers. In today’s life, living in a liberated country such as the States it’s possible and acceptable.’

‘That was the only time we have been lovers, possibly because we drank too much. I offer no excuse for it, but I admit that I never felt ashamed. It was such a new sensation that left me perturbed.’

       ‘Did you see Helen after that?’

       ‘We met again even though we were no longer lovers.’

          Juanita briefly interrupted her narration. She had broken her reserve and was now eager to talk about her Californian’s experiences.

          ‘We went together to a few parties, but I resolved to drink in moderation after my previous experience. At one of the first parties, we had a humorous experience. That party started in the worse possible way. The atmosphere was heavy, but then suddenly it was transformed from total tediousness into a warmer and friendlier night when somebody spotted different beverages in our host’s bar.’

       “Isn’t that a bottle of Tequila?” a man’s voice echoed around the room, catching the attention of a few.

       The host poured the man a glass of liquor. Soon other voices rose around the room.  Someone with a Spanish accent from across the room promptly followed up, ‘Oh tequila, I would love some!’

       A third voice, with an Australian accent, said, ‘Got any champagne, mate? Sparkling wine would do if you don’t have any… Con, try a ‘Tequila Slammer’ with me.

        It was such a lethal combination that knocked everybody drunk almost immediately, and a euphoric atmosphere was established in the room.

     ‘That night saw for me how powerful those drinks were. Everybody was completely affected by the alcohol in no time, which quickly broke the barriers of isolation that existed between the guests at the party. Soon everybody was chatting enthusiastically and the party started to liven up.’

       Again, by the silvery voice with the Australian accent interrupted. He yelled at the top of his voice, ‘C’on you all, it’s time for a dip in the pool.’

     Swimming pools are a must in Californian homes, so a few seconds later, half of the group, including two of the women, moved to the pool area.

     The Australian stripped off, and the two women with him followed swiftly presenting a sexy strip show. Others, in seeing them, and with the help of the Tequilas, joined in the nude for some fun in the pool. The party had finally reached its full swing and everyone was excited and happy.

     No one was in a hurry to leave and the party proceeded happily into the early morning hours.

     It was my first experience at a pool party. But we attended others. I found that pool parties are fashionable in California and where people, who hardly know each other, give away exhibitionism. Sometimes these parties, become bacchanals orgies. But then, this type of party has always existed throughout time in history. 

                                                               *     *     *

Once again, I had to leave them. I had a long-time contract in Bangladesh to build a paper mill in an isolated swamp, a primitive area that had little contact with civilization. That was my last contract before early retirement, and I intended after that to start a completely new life with Juanita and Dolores. I was expecting to stay away for a period of three to four years, and because of the length of time, I didn’t want to commit to Juanita. Would she still be free on my return? Leaving them I took with my good memories of them, to help me over those long nights of isolation in such a faraway land. 

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