Chapter 3 Part 3 – Return to Australia – English Version

Part 3

    It took time, but finally through the Brazilian Embassy, where Jaunita was working, I got her new address and phone number. I called her the next Saturday evening.

      ‘Is it really you, Bill? How is that possible? I thought the worse had happen to you. You know, it’s nearly five years since last time we were in touch. In all this time I only received three postcards from some exotic places, with a few words on them.’

     ‘Yes, I know, and I’m sorry. But those are faraway places. They belong to a different world. That was the reason why I couldn’t get in touch with you. I returned home after four years. I was sick in the body and in the mind. Only now I’m getting back to life again.’

   ‘We never forgot you, and we prayed to God. You see, he finally has listened to our prayers.’

    ‘But tell me, how is your life? Mine has been a wreck. On my return home I found that my wife had gone away taking the best of everything. She left only debts and a second mortgage over the property. But the good news is that I’m finally free.”

    ‘I’m sorry for you, Bill, I have been much luckier than you. I found my man. He is handsome, wealthy and sexy. I’m really happy. He gives me everything. He only asks for my love and my body, which I give him with pleasure. He is the most sensual man I have come across in my life. He has invented for me many possible ways to make love, and he is never tired. Sometimes I wonder if Jack is a sort of sex maniac, but, well… this is the way I want him.’

   ‘I’m really pleased for you, Juanita. But tell me, how is my little girl, Dolores?’

      ‘You wouldn’t recognise her. She is a woman, even though she isn’t quite sixteen. She looks like me when I was her age. The curves of her body are sensual and when she walks on the streets, boys whistle back. Her breasts are full and erect and she knows well how to use her natural talents. But luckily enough she isn’t interested in boys yet, she is a conscious worker at school. You must call again soon. She certainly would like to talk to you. She has never forgotten you.”

    ‘Sure, I’ll call again. I hope in a few months time to find my way to California.”  

   It was a few months later, with another phone conversation, that she gave me the news.

      ‘I’m always so sick. I am pregnant, and the doctor said I am having twins. They are in a bad position in the uterus and the doctor advised us to be careful in having sex. But Jack has quite different ideas. He told me that sex would be good for the babies, making them grow stronger. But I found that lovemaking weakens me and makes me feel sick. He doesn’t listen when I ask him to let me rest. Obstinately he expects sex regardless of my condition. I’m so concerned for my unborn babies and I’d like to refrain from sex. But Jack doesn’t want to listen and keeps demanding. He can hear me scream, when we have sex, but believe me, it is not for pleasure.’

       ‘It seems that Jack has a maniacal attitude in the sex department. Why don’t you ask him to talk to the doctor and follow his advice?’

     ‘Well, I did, but he believes that sex would never harm the babies.  Fortunately I will be in peace for the next two months. Tomorrow he’s flying to England to visit his family.’

    But he didn’t stay away that long, when Jack returned from England, he was in an angry mood. Juanita’s pregnancy was advanced and she was confined to bed for longer hours.

    Over the past three months, I had hardly spoken more than a few words with her, but I again had the pleasure to have a long conversation with Dolores, and time to consolidate once more the previous closeness.

    Again, she asked many questions necessary to her to open a window upon the outside world.  At her age she wanted to learn more about all the facets on sexuality. I consider that it was much more appropriate to discuss these topics with her mother, but because of her precarious physical condition, Dolores was asking those questions of help from me.

    I asked about her relationship with Jack and she stated that she had a good friendly relationship with him.

    She told me, ‘He has a tremendous personality, everybody that comes to know him, soon comes to love him. He loves Mom and he cares for me. I am so pleased to see her happy with him.’ 

   But that changed after Jack returned from England. He was not longer the patient and willing husband, or the good father. He was expecting sex in a demanding and exhausting way, and Juanita couldn’t cope any longer. That infuriated him and poor Juanita spent most of her time crying bitter tears. Jack used to wake her up in the middle of the night, expecting her to satisfy his needs, and she was under enduring physical pain.


     “I’m scared for Mum and the twins, Uncle Bill. I have to do something. I have to protect Mum from him.” Dolores had told me many times in those days.

    The next time I spoke again with her, she told me,“…One evening, after having a shower, I came out from the bathroom and I was naked, rushing to my room to change. I met Jack in the corridor and he stopped me.

     He said to me, ’I realise that you are quite a woman now. Your breasts are large like your mother, and your body is well molded and slender”.

      He came over, and started touching me here and there. I have to confess that it was quite disturbing and a certain tingle burned between my legs…

      Then he said again, ‘You must learn to keep your body clean from unnecessary hair. Ask your mother, she can teach you.”

      I warned her of the risk that Jack was to her, but innocently she told me, ‘No Uncle Bill. Father loves me and respects me.’

     ‘I can only see that he is working his way up to seduce you, Dolores. Please be careful and lock your room at night. I can only see danger for you.’

     But she couldn’t see the gravity of the moment. In her innocence she could only see in Jack the father she needed, and the one she had always missed in her life.

     I could visualise the real danger Jack was presenting. His sexual appetite could easily make him go over the limits of decency. On the other hand, I didn’t have any right to get involved. I was an outsider. It was like sitting at a movie house, and seeing on the screens the plots proceeding, but without the power to cut those scenes that I didn’t really wish to see, impotent to stop the story at a certain point, rewind the unwanted episode, to then restart the movie again further down with something more enjoyable.

      I tried to stay in touch with Dolores, but my phone calls were not always answered even though I was sure that someone was there. I tried in vain to find a possible solution to help those women, who were still for me more than good friends, and a possible way to protect them.

      I realised that Jack was using his magnetic power to snare the women that he called his family. He subjugated them to his twisted mind and compelled them to be slaves to his wishes.

       More and more, in my conversations with Dolores, I became aware of her difficult situation as well as her mother’s distress.

        One night Dolores told me, ‘Mother is getting weaker, she hasn’t enough energy to stand up on her own, but Jack is always demanding. I can hear him in the middle of the night waking Mum up and demanding sex.  I really hate him now. He isn’t my father anymore …’                         

         Or again, ‘… he demands that I undress in front of him…his look is evil. And he showed a large bulge in his pants… I refused his request and he took me on his knees, pulled down my knickers and spanked me. He hurt me. My bottom was sore, swollen and tender for the next two days…’

        We then had our last conversation. I was talking to Dolores on the phone. It was 2 AM their time. She suddenly interrupted our normal conversation, ‘…I heard him moving in the bed room… I don’t want him to know that I’m speaking to you Uncle… No… luckily he has gone back to bed now.’

      ‘He is calling Mum… he’s asking for sex… Mom told him to leave her in peace because she feels sick… he just asks her again, ‘Give me what I want. You are a whore, do it now.’

     ‘…Mum is crying… he slapped her… Mum is hysterical …Uncle… I must go now to their bedroom …Mom needs me … I have to do what I can for her… I have to stop him…  He is insane…’

       She dropped the phone without hanging it up. In the background I heard the sound of voices. Then it stopped. There was silence at my end, but that silence didn’t promise a restful night for those in that house.   

       That was the last time I spoke to Dolores or her mother.

       For several weeks I couldn’t call them because the phone apparently had been left deliberately off the hook.

    It was weeks later when finally, my phone call was answered. I heard the irate voice of Jack saying, “… I know who you are. You are a bastard. I know you have been behind this all the time. They have run away from the hospital after Juanita had my twins. I’m sure that you know where they are now. Just tell me where they are hiding. Sooner or later, I will get them. They will be back with me and they will pay for this. They are mine. You know what I mean by that!  They belong to me and no one else. They are my family.” 


End Chapter 3

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