Cap. 4 Part 3 – Dolores – English Version

Chapter 4 – Part 3

                                                             *     *      *

      It is over a year since the day I told my mother I was going for a work interview, and I never went back to Helen’s place.

     It hasn’t been easy and I had very little savings. I had just enough money to pay for a week’s rental of a miserable room. Luckily, I found a job in a Mexican restaurant, where I could eat leftovers and I could use a few customers’ tips for other little necessities.

      I became friends with another waitress, who was a couple of years older than me. We shared a small flat and our spare time. I’m not sure if she had a Green Card, but she was anxiously looking to find a decent man to marry her and return for more security in her life, in the States.

    We helped each other the best way we could. With her, I had the chance to learn some Spanish, which was the second spoken language in the area we lived and where everything was negotiable.

    From time to time I phoned Helen’s home, but without speaking a word so as not to give me away. I only wanted to hear Mum’s voice and know she was well. But over the past few months, she’d never answered the phone, and this made me believe she had moved away.  It was most likely she had gone back with Jack and taken up her old life with him. I hoped so. I hoped she would be better off without the hassles that I gave her. With the twins, she would soon be able to forget me.

    One day, I will be able to contact her again. But it will be only after I have successfully reached those solid bases I’m looking for in my future. At that time, she would know that I have always loved her and that I never intended to take Jack away from her. The night he raped me, I became aware of his real intention in my regard and that was the turning point of my feelings for him. Could my mother ever understand that on that night I had only tried to protect her and the babies?

     She may never believe me. She only saw my desire to deprive her of her lover, husband, and master.

     Yes, I have to admit that on that night, I also desired to have my first carnal experience with Jack, but I never intended to take him away from Mum. I knew how much she depended on him. I acted in that way purely to take away some pressure from her in those crucial last days of her pregnancy.

        As I now have confidence in myself, I know I can manage my life. My chances of survival grow stronger every day. I’m now more conscious of my abilities and I have dreams for my future. I’m planning to have a career first and then a husband and family of my own. But never again will I depend on someone, even a husband.

       I’m saving money for my future. I’m beautiful and intelligent. I know I have to develop those talents which are dormant inside me, so I can build my career. Many times, I think of what I would like to be in the future. I have the figure of a model, even though, as many Brazilians are, my body is full with a nice bosom and an attractive buttock.

     The color of my skin is a light golden brown and men whistle when I walk down the street. Amongst other things, I love dancing. Music and rhythm are in my blood and part of my heritage. Whenever I can, I go with Maria the girlfriend with whom I share the flat to a ballroom nearby and we have such fun. I’m going there again next Sunday to celebrate my eighteen birthday.

.*     *     *

      I’m so excited. At the ballroom, I met someone who offered me a brilliant career. Finally, the wind of luck was blowing in the right direction.         

      It was a pure coincidence how I met with Mr. Brusco. As a Brazilian, I’m quite superstitious and firmly I believe that in our life all is written in advance in the book of destiny. That evening at the ballroom many young men asked me to dance, but my preference went to Pedro, an Argentinean, who was a very good dancer. He taught me how to dance the Latino-American dances properly, from the modern tango to the last salsa. On that particular evening, as had happened many times before, while I was dancing with Pedro, people gave us the floor. They formed a circle around us, watching enthusiastically the frenetic way we danced. At the end of the dance, they applauded loudly.

       We were resting at our table drinking some cold beer when a middle-aged man well dressed and speaking English with a funny accent approached us.

     Gallantly, in the old-fashioned way he bowed and introduced himself.

      ‘My name is Tom Brusco and I am an impresario. I am a South American but I live in Australia and manage a troupe of Latino-American dancers who perform in Sydney and the other Australian States. At the moment I’m traveling around the American States to recruit a few new talented dancers, to replace those who terminated their contracts at the end of the last season. I have watched with interest the way you have danced. You are a promising start, providing you want to take up dancing as your future profession. If so, I offer you a position as a dancer with my troupe, but of course, you need to work hard to reach that point of perfection required. Let me know if you are interested within a couple of days.’

Mr. Brusco gave me his business card, on which he had scribbled a local address and phone number.

    ‘That’s where you can contact me. Please think about this offer and ring me for an appointment. I will then clarify the details.’

      I was surprised by such an unexpected proposal but did not clearly understand what the offer implicated. I was overwhelmed with shyness, and hot flushes burned my face.

    ‘Thank you, Mr. Brusco. I will consider your proposal. I first need to talk to someone capable of advising me. I’ll definitely call you back soon.’        

      I couldn’t believe my luck and I was visibly excited, laughing and crying at the same time.

    ‘Well done, Dolores. If you accept Mr. Brusco’s proposal you will go a long way. I always knew that you were talented.’

   ‘Thank you, Pedro. Your words are encouraging, and I need someone to advise me properly before I make a decision.’

    ‘If you don’t have anybody in your family, I will help you in the best way I can. If I come with you to Mr. Brusco’s meeting I’ll make sure he doesn’t take advantage of your inexperience. You need to check his credentials, and be sure a proper contract is drawn.’

     ‘I don’t know how to thank you, Pedro. I have never had to sign a contract before. What do you think about Mr. Brusco’s offer?’

    ‘I believe you are really lucky, Dolores. An opportunity like this seldom comes.’

    ‘Thank you, Pedro. I feel much better. I will arrange an appointment and I’ll let you know.’

        I met Mr. Brusco the next afternoon with Pedro. We had a long conversation and he presented me with proof of his business. He showed us a book with many photographs, as evidence that they had performed in different cities, theatres, and casinos. It appeared that the troupe had performed in places like Hong Kong and Tokyo. We also saw newspaper clippings from different countries, written in foreign languages, to prove what Mr. Brusco said.  That was convincing enough to make me accept his offer.

        Tom Brusco concluded, ‘I have great ambitions for the future. I want my Latino-American dancers to perform in the largest cities of Australia and Asia. Sydney, in Australia, is the starting point and where the business is registered. In this city, the show will rehearse to perfection before we perform in front of an audience. Eventually from Sydney, I will take the troupe to the other Australian cities and from there again we will tour around the Asian countries. But my ambition is to have a second tour performing through the European countries.’

      I couldn’t believe my luck. Mr. Brusco said I would have a contract ready to sign within a day. In two weeks’ time, we would fly to Sydney. That was where my career began.

*    *    *

End part 3

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