Chapter 5 – Part 2 – Anew Country and a New Life – English Version

cropped view of sexy woman touching red skirt while undressing in bedroom

Part 2

     It is now a week since I was at the Hilton with that Italian businessman. Since then, I never had a moment of remorse for what happened that night. I know accepting money from a man for sex is said to be prostitution. But being in bed with him was identical to the few other times I have been with others. The only difference had been the generous consideration of the Italian gentleman plus the delicious taste of the champagne. I still have that bubbling sensation of the wine descending in me and warming me up. Drinking the wine had helped me. My spirit had become lighter and it was easier to accept his approach. I can’t deny it was also the urgency to have the extra cash.

      What is my conclusion? Hell, that fact hasn’t really changed me. I’m still the same Dolores. My body doesn’t have any particular mark to show others that I have been in bed with a stranger in exchange for money. Besides, this is my personal problem. The day I return to Rio to start a new life, no one will see any difference in me because of that. The only thing that would make a difference would be the buying power of the money in my bank account. Money firstly would buy people’s respect. Money has always been the unit used to put a value on people.                                             

      Mother had told me many times that I must reach the peak I want in life before my youth starts to decline. How much time do I have in front of me? Ten years? Possibly more, stretching it; I guess it is a necessity then to keep this transitional period of my life as short as possible. That’s why in my plans I give myself only the time left in my visa in Australia.

      I should easily achieve this, if I work on the basis that I spend two hours in the company of that Italian gentleman, receiving in remuneration for my services not less than five-hundred dollars. If I engage my services with two men each week, at the end of my stay in this country, I should be able to save a small fortune translated into the Brazilian currency. I can then transform that money into a profitable investment.

       In that country, being wealthy would largely increase my chances of finding a suitable husband. Using my wealth, beauty and intelligence wisely, I could increase the possibilities. I firmly believe we are the creators of our own destiny, so I have to be sure that it is exactly what I want for my future.

                                                                *     *     *

        I used to spend some of my free time at the city public library next to where I lodged. I borrowed books to improve my education, having in mind, on my return to Brazil, to become an English interpreter, as my mother was. In that way, I will increase my expectations there, and the chance of finding a better husband. I know that many young executives from abroad work in Brazil. I am aware of how attractive I am, and I will learn the skill to be the perfect wife to him, particularly in bed.

       I remember mother used to say, ‘To keep a husband at home, you have to learn this trilogy, ‘Be a lady in the house, a chef in the kitchen, and most importantly, be a whore in the bedroom.’

        I’m starting to believe that Mum was right after all with this saying, particularly the point of satisfying your husband’s sexual dreams. That is the only way to keep a husband at home, away from other women.

       I had mentioned the Public Library. It was there, when, a few days ago, I read an interesting article in a magazine. It was about an interview of young women enrolled at Sydney’s universities. The majority of them work at night and at weekends, to support themselves while learning; some as bar attendants others as waitresses. The statistics say that quite a few of them, and those who are better off, had chosen to work as escort girls in private clubs in the city. Their earnings were good, and this paid, not only for the cost of education but left them enough money to dress elegantly and buy costly accessories.

      The article concluded by saying that those young women had replied frankly to the interviewer’s questions, and they had agreed to say that working as an escort girl was not degrading. For many young women, this was part of today’s life and it was acceptable to their consciences, providing this activity was on a temporary basis, till they graduated.

       I found that would be the answer to my questions on how to manage my new life. This is where I got the idea to give the old profession a try. Within a short time, I could save enough money to establish my future. Then I could buy that ticket to Brazil where I could begin a new and more important cycle of my life.

*    *    *

End part 2

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