Chapter 5 – Part 4 – A New Country and a New Life – English Version

Part 4

       It was getting late and I couldn’t understand why none of the Brazilian women had come to talk to me. Were these women seeing me as a potential rival in business? Most likely, but I decided to wait a bit longer before leaving. I knew what the risk of leaving would be. It would make me feel ostracized and unwelcome and I’d never venture into any other club in the Cross to ask for work as a hostess.

       Finally, the youngest of the Brazilians came and sat next to me.

      ‘What made you come here?’ She asked me.

      ‘I’m not sure why or if I want to start this job. I only know I want to make money fast and return to Rio.’

    The Brazilian wasn’t surprised by my answer. She took a sip from the Hawaiian cocktail, then in a more friendly way she started to talk about the club, the people who come here and the owner. She emphasized the point that this evening was one of the quietest, ‘Many of the usual businessmen patronizing the club are away at a convention. It will be normal again within a couple of days.’

    Then seeing that I was listening with interest, she kept on, ‘Firstly, never fall in love with any one you meet on the working scene. Keep in mind that the men you meet here are clients and therefore always ask to be paid upfront, and never believe promises of love that many of them will make to you. Finally, under no circumstances be involved with drugs. You may receive offers to either use or sell them, but be aware that if you are going to accept any of those proposals, in no time you will destroy your life.’

    For the first time she smiled back at me, ‘Take this as friendly advice. In you I see myself, the inexperienced and easy young woman I was a year ago, when I began this adventure. I hope this will help you through, and maybe we can be friends. I wish you good luck when you start. Remember this is entirely your decision. No one should tell you if this job is right or wrong. Because you are here tonight you have already come to a decision, but remember, if you want to do it, start tonight. Don’t postpone it and say to yourself, I’m going home to think about it.Be positive, you must find your first client tonight to boost your confidence. If you don’t, when you’re home, you will think about it and you will lose the determination to come back.’

      I was confident in myself, even if I pondered it for a few seconds. My decision was already made. I knew I could do it. ‘Okay I’ll start tonight.’ I told her.

      She then introduced herself as Helena, smiled at me and approved of what I said with a kiss on my cheek.

      She returned to the bar, had a short conversation with the owner and returned with him. Helena introduced me to Mark, the man I spoke with earlier. He began with an unexpected personal question, ‘I hope you are wearing good underwear.’

      Briskly, he had come directly to the point. No one before had asked me such a straightforward question, ‘I’m wearing a g-string without a bra.’

      ‘Fine for tonight, but remember, this is the best place in the Cross, with wealthy clients. From tomorrow be sure to wear black or red pants, bra, suspenders and stockings. It’s part of the ritual. Men love to look while you undress slowly in front of them. Practice the right way to do it at home, in front of the mirror, until you know you are seductive enough and capable of creating desire. It’s a guarantee that those men will be back asking for you.’

        Mark had my nod of acceptance and understood I was ready to be part of his selected group of hostesses.

        He told me of further rules, to which I had to conform, ‘This isn’t a brothel or a cheap place. Our clients are respectable businessmen and they come here to find a special female friend. They look for a companion and they like to play the role of seducer. These men normally will come to your table and politely ask to share a drink with you. You have the privilege to accept or refuse them, but it is advisable that you limit your refusal to no more than one per night. Don’t forget that the good name of the club is imperative. It keeps the customers coming back. Therefore, you must stick to the rules, and under no circumstances will you disgrace the club. I conduct a respectable business with a good name and my family depends on it. When you accept a man’s invitation you only order one of the fruit cocktails written at the top of the list. They are the most expensive. Remember that you are not allowed to drink alcohol while you are working, so don’t accept intoxicating drinks offered to you.’ 

       I nodded to let him know I understood.

       Persuasively he was saying to me ‘After you have accepted the drink and had a short conversation with him, you will normally receive an invitation to dance. You will accept it. When you dance, be sensual and make him feel the softness of your body against his. In this way, when you return to the table, he will normally invite you to his hotel. Remember never accept a private home or a cheap motel out of town. This is for your own security. If he doesn’t have a suitable place nearby, ask to go to the O’Malley Hotel down the road, or any other here in the Cross. They are convenient, friendly and secure.  Don’t forget that the good reputation of The Brazil depends on you and the way you conduct yourself. You are part of it, and I expect you to keep up the reputation of this place.’

       I nodded again accepting this.

       He continued, ‘The fees you’ll charge your clients will be three-hundred and fifty dollars. I expect you to return to The Brazil promptly after you have pleased your man. In this case you will have a chance to meet other possible partners. You will be charged seventy-five dollars in hiring fees for the table you are using at the club, for each customer.’

      Mark had set up his business in a clever way so it didn’t involve procuring prostitutes. Being paid for the use of the table, he legally excluded his involvement, a smart way to escape the law.

       ‘I though it would be more for myself, but that’s okay’

       “I said three-hundred and fifty. There are some extra rates for special patrons, but that would be whenever you reach the circle of the best. Remember this is the most upper-class nightclub in the Cross. Again, don’t forget, always stay out of trouble and don’t drink on duty. And lastly; work well, satisfy your client’s needs, but do it in the shortest time possible. Learn from the other girls, and ask for advice if you need it. We are here to help each other to get the best results. Limit your time to entertain your customer to no more than one hour. Remember, I’m feeding my kids with your commission.’

       ‘I will remember it, Mark.’

        Once Mark had finished his lecture to me, Helena, the young Brazilian, told me in Portuguese to thank him which I did. Mark smiled back and returned to his job behind the bar.

                                                               *     *     *

   Slowly people started to come in. They sat at vacant tables, listening to the soft live music and enjoying a drink. By eight o’clock the atmosphere warmed up when a young attractive dancer began her show on the stage, rotating sinuously and erotically at the pole. She moved sexually and expertly in the dance and her husky voice expressed her sexual craving. In this way she captivated the male attention to her performance. She masterly performed that act that certainly had been rehearsed many times, perfecting it to the finest movements capable of raising libidos in the audience. She had played it on the stage and at home, to learn how and when was the right time to peel off the few things covering her. She knew that this act would excite her audience with their raised voices and exclamations peaking at the time she carelessly discarded the minuscule pieces of her garments. Her looks had become languid; with her eyes semi closed while she moaned weakly. One of her hands had moved inside her tiny knickers, stimulating her genitals. The public was completely taken by her play. They cheered, and asked for more. They wanted her to discard that last tiny barrier and have her completely naked. Everybody knew it was only a play, part of the show, but everyone tried to believe it was real, that she really was prepared to share with the public her sexual dreams.

      The dancer simulated an orgasm, which was followed by others. Her moans become hoarser and more frequent, and accentuated the greed and desire in the males taken in by her performance.

       The show was evidently orchestrated to warm up the public’s appetite to make them desire one of the beautiful hostesses.


End Part 4

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