Chapter 5 – Part 5- A New Country and a New Life _ English Version

Part 5


       The atmosphere in the club room, after the striptease show, was transformed into a friendly party where everyone wanted to meet each other and women moved freely between the tables, approaching those men who were still alone. The girls smiled graciously, sending with a look a silent invitation to the men. They let them know their readiness to concede the grace of their bodies with them and softly whispered little jokes to the selected partner, sealing the promises with a kiss blown with a light gesture of their hand. In this way, the women received an invitation for a drink and to dance. Expertly the hostesses were taking their flirtations further while they danced, twining their bodies closer to their partner, in a physical temptation creating urgency with a silken touch and their carnal nearness and the provocative mixed aroma of women’s scent and perfume. It was part of their play to captivate the men, to create in them needs which would finally conclude with an explicit invitation to leave the club and move to the hotel to continue the rest of the ritual.   

                                                               *     *     *

       While Mark was serving drinks at the bar, he was also answering questions from the customers who desired information about some of the hostesses at the club. They usually liked to know where a particular hostess came from, and if she was popular with the patrons, and of course how good she was. Mark exchanged information with the greatest confidentially and could divulge that kind of gossip to increase interest in a particular girl. He had become a master in doing it, creating interest in the working girls, as well as increasing his business by the end of the day.

*     *     *

    From her table Dolores attentively watched the other girls, mentally recording how they moved rhythmically and with precision to attract the men’s attention. She observed every single gesture, smile, and batting of the eyelashes. She knew she had to be a quick and smart learner to succeed in the game. She promised herself to soon be one of the best and most wanted hostesses at The Brazil.

    She was eager to be part of the nocturnal life, full of music, dances, and merriment. She realized that these men enjoyed being in the company of the young hostesses, but to which degree she couldn’t determine. Could it be possible in such a life to share love and physical pleasure with a man? Could this be achievable? Dolores’ inexperience made her doubt that love and attraction could possibly exist without romanticism with an unknown man. She thought to herself, at least he should be good-looking, but not necessarily handsome. He should be able to talk nicely, and sometimes, be able to say funny things.

     She noticed that of the many men at the club that night, only a few appealed to her. By now The Brazil was full of life, the air filled with music and laughter. Couples danced on the floor to the rhythm of popular tunes, and she noticed many couples held hands returning to the tables. It seemed to her that in such a short time the chemistry had worked fast between them, with the man ready for the next step of action, and the woman eager to seal the deal with her new lover. The negotiation was completed in no time, followed by their urgency to leave the club.

                                                              *     *      *

      Dolores was anxious. Until now no man had noticed her. No one had come to offer her a drink or ask for a dance. Did she have to send a signal to one of the men? It was only her first night and she was so new to everything. She felt she should not be the one to make the first move. It is better to wait for him to make the first approach. I am a woman, so let the man say the first word.

    She had noticed that at The Brazil, this rule didn’t apply, and the women took the initiative and were the ones to approach the men, but that wasn’t her way at least not on her first evening.

    Dolores wished for a strong drink. She remembered how a few nights before, the champagne had helped her to relax and made things run easily and naturally. She was apprehensive; maybe no one would come on that night… maybe it had all been in vain…maybe….

    “I need a real drink!”  She kept repeating to herself.

     Suddenly a voice asked, “Would you like a drink?”

    Dolores was taken by surprise and awakened from her meditation. In front of her was a handsome young man in his thirties. She was pleased to see him. At least her first customer was up to her expectations. It was someone who she would have been pleased to have met casually at a coffee bar in the city, and where she would have accepted his invitation with pleasure.

    She was momentarily embarrassed. She blushed, smiling back, and accepted his offer. She knew the implication involved in accepting that innocent drink, but she didn’t care. Drinking with that young man could affect the course of her future life. That would be the baptism and confirmation, beginning her newly chosen profession. That drink would have the power to close a chapter in her present life and open a new one. It would be the final goodbye to the innocent young woman, who still existed in her. She would become someone else that only a week earlier she would never have expected to be. She was in the hands of destiny and willingly she accepted it.

   Then it ran the way predicted by Mark. A drink together…A chat…An exchange…What do you do? … I’m a traveling businessman moving around the world… Are you Brazilian?…  One day I would like to see the Carnival … I like Sambas and the way Brazilians dance it… No one can dance sambas like Brazilian women… You are quite beautiful…

   It was part of the general conversation that was exchanged daily with strangers. Casual questions and answers, but she couldn’t control herself. She blushed several times when he, in a modulated voice, kept complimenting her. She was pleased to hear those words and accepted his admiration with a smile.

   They danced and she could smell him. It was a sweet-sour smell, a mix of aftershave and sweat. She liked it; it was so masculine. But sadly, she thought of times when she would have to accept men who would not be so attractive. But she knew she would accept them because it was part of the business.

   She enjoyed dancing with him. He had introduced himself as Frank. She liked his name and she could have stayed on the dance floor the entire night. He was such a good dancer, and dancing had always been her passion.

    Then Dolores caught a glimpse of Mark’s eyes from the bar. He pointed to his watch, and she knew that the time allowed to dance was over and she had to move on to the next step.

    They returned to the table for a second drink. Mark signaled again, pointing to his watch. Time allowed for the preamble was over. She accepted that and obeyed Mark’s silent order. She moved closer to Frank letting him feel the softness of her body. She had learned from the others how to send the silent invitation to him, promising the graces of her body. Frank couldn’t resist and asked her to go to his hotel.

    It had been done in the simple way indicated by Mark. She received the asked fee and willingly offered her body to him. She got little pleasure from the union, even though she liked him as a man. She thought she would have liked to stay with this man for a long night of passion to fulfill her physical needs, but sadly she realized that rules had been imposed now in her new position as hostess. It was nothing but business. It had to be done quicker. Then she heard him explode into a noisy climax, and regretfully to her it was over.

   She asked to use the shower, dressed, and finally with the last kiss on his cheek, said goodbye, and she left.

At this point, she felt empty. She realized she was a different Dolores. She would have preferred to go home. She was mentally exhausted but she had to return to The Brazil. She had to see Mark. He would most likely request her to stay longer and attend to other customers.

*    *     *

       Only a few people were left at The Brazil, even though it was relatively early. The air had become thick with cigarette smoke. One of the strippers had resumed dancing at the pole to create interest in the customers left, but the few males showed scarce attention. They enjoyed talking to each other and gulping freely from their schooners of beer. The stripper was quite talented and danced, spinning and gyrating at the pole. Slowly she removed her long gloves and with nonchalance, she threw one of them to the nearest spectator. It was the turning point, creating the desired interest in the show and she superbly created curiosity in those present.

       The targeted man loudly, with a deep basso voice said, ‘Take off your clothes.’

       She knew by now she had the men’s attention and smiled back, sending a kiss with her hand. Then captivatingly she started, in slow languid movements, to remove the tiny pieces covering her, till she was left in her minuscule bikini.

       At this point, the same compelling voice rose above the others and commanded,

     ‘Take off your top…

      Seductively, with slow movements, she obliged him. She pointed her index finger over the rose tattooed on her right breast, while with the other hand, she caressed her nipple. The men’s excitement was visible and in unison, they said, ‘Take it all off!’

        The man, who still held her glove, with his deep voice, called again, ‘I’ll give roses for your love.’

      She smiled back at him, and without sound, she mouthed, ‘I love you too!’

      She knew that by now she had created the necessary suspense. Her fingers played with her bikini strings, trying to loosen them, and moved her fingers in a circular motion, the way a harpist plays the chords of her instrument. She created harmonious movements and ecstatically, with semi-closed eyes, conceived such sweet indulgence.

       The audience was waiting to see her nakedness. She finally loosened the strings and let the tiny triangle of material fall, while at the same time her hands rose over that part of her body enough to hide those couple of inches of nudity. She stood there as a new Venus emerged from the sea. She had bared herself, as much as she was allowed to, and left the rest to the imagination of the audience to see her in that complete goddess’s glory. It was a superb conclusion to her act. The lights on the stage dimmed into a dark penumbra, and she retreated behind the curtains. 

        She came back a few minutes later. She was still topless and moved toward the man who still held the glove she had thrown. She kissed him gently on the lips asking if he desired her.

       ‘You are the most beautiful woman here tonight and yes I desire you.’ He replied.

      ‘I would like to offer you a drink, but I want you to drink it in the way I’m going to ask. Then if you wish, afterward I can be yours for the rest of the evening. These are the condition of this game. You must drink it without the use of your hands to raise the glass to your lips. Do you accept?’

      ‘To have you I’m preparing to do it.’ He replied.

       She then lay on her back on his table and placed a glass of liquor over her bare                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     chest. It was next to where the stem of the tattooed rose started and the tattooed shoot finished in the center of her large erected nipple, ‘Keep your hands behind your back and drink.’

       The man accepted the invitation of taking the drink from such an unusual perch, with only the use of his lips. This new game created by that imaginative stripper generated a tantalizing play.  Everyone in the audience wished to be the player in this game. A group of men stood around, goading the lucky player, and with laughs and giggles guided the contender with their voices. He failed in his attempt to get the tumble, in his mouth and spilled most of the liquor over the stripper’s bosom. There wasn’t any other alternative left to him, but to happily lick the liquor running down her body, with long strokes of his tongue.

        It had become an exciting game for the player and the people around. Once more, on that night, the stripper had won the admiration of her audience for such a novel game she had created.

.*     *     *

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