Cheptar 5 – Part 6 – A New Country and a New Life

Part 6

      Back at The Brazil the following evening Dolores was welcomed back by the other hostesses. She was now one of them.

      Each one of those women had a personal reason to go along the path of prostitution to persevere in the job.

       To be with a man would be only strictly and purely a business transaction. No sentimentalisms, no dreams, no love would be allowed by her to the detriment of the lucrative earnings she had in mind. She would allow nothing else but the pure exchange of her body for a fistful of dollars.

     Were her motives similar to those of the other young women working at The Brazil? Was it only because they could earn so much more money in prostitution? Was it only greed or self-preservation?

     Dolores concluded that her motivation was common with the other girls because being a prostitute was the easiest way to earn quick money. But in the back of her mind, she knew that if she’d persisted, she may have realized her dream of becoming a fashion model, as well as achieving respectability.

     She was a woman of many contrasts. She had dreamed of having an adventurous life and a steady lover or husband to completely satisfy her.  

     But it was an impossible dream now. She hadn’t given away her dreams, she had only postponed them and she was sure that her sacrifices today would be rewarded in the future.

     She wouldn’t allow others to criticize her behavior. She lived alone, away from her motherland, amongst estranged people. This was her inner power. She was above human judgment, above their criticism, and immune to gossip, and because of that, the adrenaline pumped faster in her veins.

     Would such excitement give her a perverted joy to live her life on the edge of the acceptable?

      She knew she would never regret her decision. She knew better days would come in a not-too-distant future, one day when I am a grandmother, and I look back on my past I will smile to myself thinking of the woman I was. I will think of myself as an interesting adventurer, living my life at the crest of the acceptable in such a different world from the one I had been taught.

                                                               *     *     *

   In the first weeks of her profession, she received interesting tips from her new colleagues and they were all equally helpful to guide her professionally.

    One girl told her, ‘In prostitution always act as if you are a beginner. Men like to be the ones to introduce you to it. Remember, beginners earn more money than an experienced girl.’

      Another girl told her, ‘Always groan with your client and simulate an orgasm together with him. He will believe he is a great lover capable of giving pleasure to all women, including a prostitute. He will come back looking for you again next time around…’

*    *    *

Dolores wrote in her diary,

      ‘It is four months since I started this profession.’

   “I believe by now I have overcome the grueling part of this job. My anxieties have dissipated and I’m taking this job seriously as a solid profession. I’m quite pleased with the money. So far, I’m averaging two to three customers per night and I’m working six days per week, taking off only those few days in the month, on which I am compelled to stay away from The Brazil.’

     Dolores had learned about the profession and the kind of clients that usually visited the club. The men patronizing The Brazil were upper class, well-educated, professional, and executive people in the higher wage brackets with well-respected positions. They were strong and valuable people, at the helm of their corporations. But Dolores found how vulnerable these men were once they were at The Brazil. They usually masqueraded themselves behind fictitious personalities and drank too much when they were at the club. They went to The Brazil to overcome home or work problems and because of their lack of friends, including their wives, who were not capable of listening to their problems. Their superiors, dependant on them, and wives expected so much. They were the people responsible for returning the best financial result either in the business or at home. No one wanted to hear their recessed fears in life or business. They had no one to confide their worries to. Their wives were engrossed in the good life of parties promoted by other executives’ wives. Those wives viciously expected and needed their husband’s money to buy and adorn themselves with frivolous eye-catching things. They loved moving from party to party, showing off new jewelry, fashionable clothes, and perfumes to be envied by the others who lived the same euphemistic life.

   It was through those men’s confidences that Dolores discovered how different and at times difficult lives those people had. Sex wasn’t their primary reason. They were frustrated in their egos and desired to be with someone who was happy to listen to their problems. When they reached the privacy of the hotel, and it was time to take off their clothes, some simply asked her if they could just talk.

       So, Dolores became the confidante of many. She listened patiently to their family or work problems, becoming in this way their listener, their friend or sister, capable of relieving the many problems praying heavily on their minds, and getting the right words of comfort. She learned how to encourage them like a mother does with a child. She affectionately cuddled them and caressed their hair while she listened. She always had ready the right words of reassurance to their needs.

      These strangers had become her favorites in her group of her customers.

      For this reason, she spent time at the public library in Surry Hills, consulting books and she soon learned the proper way to counsel people.

      Dolores soon came to the conclusion that the higher the responsibility these men had in their jobs, the harder they felt the stress.

     Other customers belonged to a completely different world. She remembered a young scientist that had been with her recently. He was highly educated with uncommon intelligence, and he led a team of laboratory researchers in the UK. He was famous in the pharmaceutical circle with several discoveries in that field. At the age of forty-five, he knew little of the world around him apart from his laboratory work, where he spent two-thirds of his day. He never had time to love a woman and his contact with women had been restricted to his old mother.

   He received many invitations abroad to be a speaker at conventions and lectures and this was how he came to be in Sydney, to give a speech at the local university about one of his latest discoveries. Some of his sponsors convinced him to have a look at Sydney nightlife and that was how he landed at The Brazil. It was the first time in his life he ventured out from his usual shell in such a luminescent night world, in direct contact with such easy and corrupt people. Through the complicity of two friends, after he had drunk more than usual, he agreed to join in the company of the hostesses and Dolores was the one chosen for him. When they reached his hotel, he was embarrassed at his first encounter with a woman of pleasure. He acted simply like a child caught doing the wrong thing. Dolores helped him, talking in a slow and gentle way until he relaxed. Dolores helped him to get through his first experience with caresses and her mouth, till he enjoyed the pretense of love.

*     *      *

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