Yesterday’s Poems with a lot of Zeast (Five)

 Thinking of you (ignoto)

Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Dom, 05/06/2011 – 03:43


Writing a poem about your soul

Talking of your eternal tenderness,

Mentioning in my letter about your lasciviousness,

Joining at the extremity on your foot,

Connecting words about your passion,

That can rime with your beauties,

I catch the ecstasies of your love.


Scrivendo un poema sulla tua anima

Parlante della tua eterna gentilezza

Lascio casualmente narrare della tua lascività

Che si congiunge all’estremità del tuo piede.

Unisco parole per raccontare della mia passione,

Che faccia pur rima con la tua bellezza,

E catturare così le estasi del tuo amore.

Published by carlogabbiwriter

Italian born, and living in Australia. I'm writing for the past 15 years in both Italian and English language. I pubblished my first book in USA and it's available with Amazon. I also wrote several long stories which are grouped under the name "A song of Love" and several other works available in my blog in Rosso Venexiano.

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