Week dedicated to Stefania Stravato

Cantando in Inglese con Stefania Prague From bank to bank, you look at night, bridges, reverbing over the water, magnificently, beautifully, where even pain looks sweet from a fast step to a deep breath, you are now in me. It’s a slow love’s delight, gold waters with the moon  appearing like an old rose-colored plaster overContinue reading “Week dedicated to Stefania Stravato”

Week Dedicated to Stefania Stravato

 In a Passage of Closed Arm Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Mer, 23/05/2012 – 00:32 Carlo’s interpretation  of Stefania’s “In questo passaggio di braccia strette” The sea bleeds With blossoming gorgonians, so It included in this passage Of closed arms, the knowledge Which spring up the desertion Skin to skin, Measured in lengths Of black,Continue reading “Week Dedicated to Stefania Stravato”

I Dedicate This Week to Steania Stravato

WILL COME WINDY DAYS Ieri un animo sensibile e profondo pose un commento sul mio blog. Quella persona mi era totalmente sconosciuta, sicche` volli conoscerla meglio ed andai a leggere i suoi scritti. Gli ultimi due pubblicati sono profondi e mi hanno colpito particolarmente, tanto che ho tradotto in Inglese il suo “VERRANNO, I GIORNI DEI VENTI”Continue reading “I Dedicate This Week to Steania Stravato”

Yesterdat’s Poems with Zeast (Eight)

Nirmala, Poem without a Name Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Lun, 05/03/2012 – 12:51 Love is an inescapable reality that knock you senseless takes your breath away and leaves no heart beating but its own. Amore è una realtà inesplicabile Che ti abbatte Senza sensi Togliendo via il tuo respiro  lasciando il tuo cuore battere DaContinue reading “Yesterdat’s Poems with Zeast (Eight)”

Yesterday’s Poems with Zeast (Seven) Dreams with Giovanna Trani

Dreams… di Giovanna Trani Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Lun, 09/05/2011 – 12:02 Never stop dreaming Only so Your dream it’s alive And becomes true. Too many times we worry And they would be dust. It’s like breaking a wing And going to miss happiness While in a wing’s blink We ask the rightContinue reading “Yesterday’s Poems with Zeast (Seven) Dreams with Giovanna Trani”


 Summer at the sea-side with Manuela Verbasi Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Mar, 07/06/2011 – 00:35 Summer at the sea-side dimming the amber-colored stars silent the moon. Cobalt pillows raising in feathered crests. ESTATE AL MARE spegne le stelle ambrate muta la luna  guanciali di cobalto s’alzano in spume e piume   Troppo bella eContinue reading “YESTERDAY’S POEMS WITH ZEAST (Six)”

Yesterday’s Poems with a lot of Zeast (Five)

 Thinking of you (ignoto) Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Dom, 05/06/2011 – 03:43 THINKING OF YOU Writing a poem about your soul Talking of your eternal tenderness, Mentioning in my letter about your lasciviousness, Joining at the extremity on your foot, Connecting words about your passion, That can rime with your beauties, I catch the ecstasiesContinue reading “Yesterday’s Poems with a lot of Zeast (Five)”

Yesterday;’s Poems with still a lot of Zeast (Four, DESIRE)

 Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Lun, 07/03/2011 – 10:07 Desiring… di Gio Dedicata a Gio, ritorno la poesia che ti ho rubato in Italiano ma che prontamento ti restituisco in Inglese. With love DESIRING… Violins strings Deflecting my senses At the touch of your thoughts In infinitesimal moments of desires Between the gorges ofContinue reading “Yesterday;’s Poems with still a lot of Zeast (Four, DESIRE)”

Yesterday’s Poems with still a lot of Zist (Three)

You/Tu Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Dom, 17/04/2011 – 12:30 YOU You, the one who took away my heart Without even saying goodbye. You are still the woman in my life Even if you left me forever… Now are only memories in my dreams Where I see you like the most gracious one You,Continue reading “Yesterday’s Poems with still a lot of Zist (Three)”

Yesterday’s Poems still with a lot of Zeast (Two)

  Give me / Regalami Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Mar, 19/04/2011 – 01:31 Give me  Give me a smile With a special look Mute a whisper on your lips So that I’ll fall in love with you. Give me a day To share together In which I’ll tell you my desire To cheerContinue reading “Yesterday’s Poems still with a lot of Zeast (Two)”