An Amazing Story – Italian Version

Una Storia Incredibile – Prologo Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi –  PROLOGO   Recentemente nella posta ho ricevuto due grossi quaderni manoscritti. Erano stati scritti da una mano femminile usando lettere minute e gentili. La stessa mano aveva pure scritto sul frontespizio questa introduzione; ‘Caro Uncle Bill, sono stati tra noi lunghi anni di silenzio,Continue reading “An Amazing Story – Italian Version”

An Amazing Story

                                                     An Amazing Story                                                                       By                                                                                                     Carlo Gabbi                                                       Prologue       Recently two thick scrapbooks were delivered to me. They were written in a clear and minute woman’s hand. In the front was an introductory page, by the same hand, with these few lines. Dear Uncle Bill, I haven’t forgotten you after theseContinue reading “An Amazing Story”

Secrets Behind the Past – Conclusion

Part 4       Mama Maria arranged for us to meet Mr. Rodriguez in a local restaurant the next afternoon, outside of the normal trading time. I was apprehensive about meeting him thinking of a possibility that he was connected with my mother’s disappearance.     His European look was unmistakable. Tall and elegant, he was wearingContinue reading “Secrets Behind the Past – Conclusion”

Secrets behind the Past – Part 3

PART 3         Next evening Danny took me to a cabaret, where he hoped to get some information about my mother‘s last days in town before her return to Australia.          Mama Maria was the owner of the joint, which was popular in the business circles, patronize by the wealthiest in town.           Mama MariaContinue reading “Secrets behind the Past – Part 3”

Secrets Behind the Past – Part 2

Part 2          On that night Danny promised to help me to run away from home and to settle in Cebu City.  But the next morning my hopes evaporated like fog in the sun.          He went away without saying a word to me. I was again miserable feelings desperate and alone at night. ThenContinue reading “Secrets Behind the Past – Part 2”

Eye for an Eye – English Version – Part 8 – Conclusion

Part 8 Conclusion      Returning home Luke found a message from Michael on his phone messages,    ‘I got news for you. Come and see me this evening, we need to talk.’   ‘What does Michael have in mind?’ Luke thought. ’Maybe he finally knows the name of the person who wants me dead. I’ll takeContinue reading “Eye for an Eye – English Version – Part 8 – Conclusion”

Eye for an Eye – Italian Version – Part 8 – Conclusion

Parte 8 – Conclusione Luke, giunto a casa, trovò un messaggio sul suo registratore telefonico da parte di Michael che diceva “Ho notizie per te. Vieni da me così che possiamo discuterle al più presto.” “Cosa mai Michael vuole discutere?” Luke pensò “Forse sa chi a messo un contratto sopra di me. Lo porterò aContinue reading “Eye for an Eye – Italian Version – Part 8 – Conclusion”

Eye for an Eye – English Version – Part 7

Part 7 In the morning they had temporally forgotten the terrible events at the Calabria Club and how badly Salvo was injured. Was he still critical and fighting to survive?     Rossana phoned the hospital and spoke with the ward Matron. She said that Salvo was still critical but in stable condition and he wasContinue reading “Eye for an Eye – English Version – Part 7”

Eye for an Eye Italian version – Part 7

Parte 7 Avevano temporaneamente dimenticato quanto era avvenuto la notte precedente al Calabria Club, e di quanto era successo al povero Salvo. Era egli ancora in critiche condizioni, e in pericolo per la sua vita? Rosanna per rassicurarsi telefonò all’ospedale ed ebbe conferma dalla Matrona che Salvo era ancora in critiche ma stabili condizioni eContinue reading “Eye for an Eye Italian version – Part 7”