The Gypsy Waggons – Part 5

Part 5       Finally, they entered the Ljubljana plateau. It was time to have a longer rest, not only for the animals but also to find time to arrange a fresher supply of provisions to use on the next leg of their journey. They camped on a nearby plain at the edge of the city.Continue reading “The Gypsy Waggons – Part 5”

The Gypsy Wagons – Part 4

Part 4        Lake Balaton, in North-West Hungary, was chosen by the Gypsies to set up their winter camp. It was strategically located with many villages nestling around the lake offering the nomads food and work.       Winter for the Gypsies has always been a critical season, and many times to survive, some gypsies feltContinue reading “The Gypsy Wagons – Part 4”

The Gypsy Wagon – Part 3

Part 3        Gypsies are used to communal life. Women attended to the children, collected wood and lit fires. They also erected tripods, holding a chain to hang over the fire cast-iron pots cooking stews and broth of rabbits, hare, deer, ticked trout, and wild boar.        In their cooking they used a traditional centuries-oldContinue reading “The Gypsy Wagon – Part 3”

The Gypsy Wagons – Part 2

Part 2          For centuries Gypsies have been nomadic. A documented history doesn’t exist, because Gypsies never had a written language. Their past is full of legends, distorted in time with the continuous passing of word of mouth, from father to son. They have been nomadic since history exist, and through time they never beenContinue reading “The Gypsy Wagons – Part 2”

The Gypsy Waggons – English Edition only – Re-edited

THE GYPSY’S WAGON Gypsies by nature are secretive with their intense history of colorful myths and legends. They have a simplistic life and mainly live with what nature offers them and carefully use what the environment offers without destroying the habitat, preserving things in the way they have found. By nature, they are sensitive andContinue reading “The Gypsy Waggons – English Edition only – Re-edited”

Ricordi di un Novantenne (ricordi di un piccolo mondo lontano) Parte 4 Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Lun, 04/05/2020 – 00:43 Ricordi di un Novantenne Ricordando il mio piccolo mondo di allora Parte 4 Voglio ora far rivivere brevemente altre cose vissute da me e Sergio in quei giorni passati.  Mi affiora alla memoriaContinue reading

Ricordi di un Novantenne – Parte 3

Ricordi di un Novantenne (ricordi di un piccolo mondo lontano) Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Gio, 30/04/2020 – 01:18 Ricordi di un Novantenne Parte tre (Ricordando il mio piccolo mondo di allora)   Mentre sto scrivendo questi miei ricordi giovanili sorprendentemente riappaiano nella mia memoria facce di persone dimenticate da decenni, cose dette allora,Continue reading “Ricordi di un Novantenne – Parte 3”

Ricordi di un Novantenne di un Piccolo Mondo passato

Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Parte due Questi miei ricordi giovanili li scrivo per voi tutti, che avete sofferto nei mesi passati e penso che portandovi all’indietro a rivivere assieme quei miei giorni felici per me, possano trasmettere un po’ di gioia e farvi dimenticare la vita presente. ~*~ E`  a questo punto, ritornatoContinue reading “Ricordi di un Novantenne di un Piccolo Mondo passato”

Once Upon a Time / Cose del Passato

Once Upon a Time Scritto da © Carlo Gabbi – Once Upon a Time Come in tutte le storie narrate in “C’era una volta” anche in questa esiste la necessità di andare indietro nel tempo. Vi riporto quindi all’indietro ad un lontano, gelido febbraio di ottanta-nove anni fa, in uno sperduto villaggio montano, che siContinue reading “Once Upon a Time / Cose del Passato”