Secrets Behind the Past – English version only – Part 5

Part 5

        The next evening Danny took me to a cabaret, where he hoped to get some information about my mother’s last days in town before her return to Australia.

         Mama Maria was the owner of the joint, which was popular in the business circles, patronized by the wealthiest in town.

          Mama Maria had a matronly look and an open cordial smile for her customer.      She used a friendly approach with them, calling them by their Christian names.

          Her eyes, small and dark, nearly disappeared behind fatty cushions. Her hair was straight, shoulder-length, with some silver. She dressed in a pale pink gown and a very decollate’ blouse showing the abundance of her large bosom. She was adorned with heavy gold chains and bracelets.

          Mama Maria welcomed Danny. She looked at me with interest, believing I was Danny’s latest fling. Danny introduced me to her, and when Mama Maria heard I was Katy’s daughter a big smile illuminated her face.

         “I knew your mother well and we were friends. When she lived in Cebu she regularly come to my cabaret. She was the most popular around and the wealthiest patrons were always delighted to share her company.

         “She used her charm in dealing with the richest people in Cebu, and she was quite welcomed back by them. It was two weeks before she returned to Australia that I asked her to be one of my hostesses. She was considering my offer, but then something dreadful happens.”

           Mama Maria looked surprised at my expression and turned to Danny: “She doesn’t know?”

        “Only that Katy was Mr. Rodriguez’s lover, but I suppose it’s time to tell her about that terrible night.”

       Mama Maria led them to a table in a darkened corner and started her story.

       “That night only a few people were around. Katy sat at a table with two of the most influential men in town. In the opposite corner of the room was Mr. Rodriguez. The tables were facing and Katy established eye contact with Mr. Rodriguez. When she was sure to have attracted his attention, she acted sexually flirting with her companions to arouse Mr. Rodriguez’s jealousy. 

   He was soon irritable with the party at his table. Without apparent reasons, he dismissed my most attractive hostess that sit with him and started to argue with the other man at the party. The atmosphere in the room grew tenser. The other patrons in the room alerted seeing that it was something unusual ready to happen, and lowered the tone of their voices to capture the event.”

       “It was a few minutes later your mother went to the stage. She consulted first the musicians, and then boldly took the microphone to announce, ‘I will sing a song for a special person, on the occasion of his birthday.’

          “It was evident she was referring to Mr. Rodriguez. The customer applauded her while the atmosphere in the room became incandescent.”

       “Katy started to sing. Her voice was melodious, even if not the best, copying for the occasions, what Marilyn Monroe did in similar occasions to her lover, the President, with sinuous body movements and singing sexily ‘Happy birthday.’

         “But Katy wasn’t so lucky. She couldn’t go further the first few lines. She was stopped by the peremptory Mr. Rodriguez’s voice thundering above her, “Mama Maria, would you stop the cracking of such lousy singer? She disturbs the peace of your valuable customers.”

       “It was from his side well-orchestrated revenge that your mother couldn’t accept an open insult from her ex-lover in front of many people they knew of their affair. She became speechless and aware that people in the club were waiting for her reaction. The atmosphere had become tense and all had muted to catch Katy replay.

         She realized that her intention to gain back her lover had failed miserably. She had gone a step too far, taking over to the attention of the public the scandal of their affairs, something that could be written in the morning newspaper and in this way damaging Mr. Rodriguez’s reputation. She recognized her mistake and accepted the scorn publicly. Humiliated and in despair, she let her burning tears run copiously down her cheeks. She dropped the microphone, and walked away from the stage, without turning around. She left the cabaret a few moments later and that was the last I saw of her. Only a few weeks later I heard that your mother had married and returned to Australia.”  


End Part 5

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